Categories of Products Using Barcodes From Us

Our retail barcodes are used by a wide range of product categories both EAN-13 Barcodes and our UPC Barcodes. For all product categories of a retail mall, we have our barcodes in all sections. Below gives broader view.

Frozen Products. This ranges include all items that need to be stored in cool and temperatures below normal human dwellings. They include sausage, fish, meat, gizzard, chicken, nugget, fillet, fries, vegetables, cheese, butter, yogurt, whipping cream, and all other such related items. Once the business has a requirement for barcodes, then orders can be placed for same Buy Barcodes.

Beverages, Packaged Food, Drinks. These range covers all consumable products that are sold in retail stores.

Detergents and Cleaning Products, Body and Beautification Products. 

Electrical and Electronic Products. These range covers all products that need to be connected to electrical power of some sort. In selling these products, retail stores need to scan them to enable quick checkouts at the billing points.

Home Decoration Products, Housewares and Kitchen Products, Furniture and Fitting Products, Flowers, Luggage, Clocks and watches. 

All these require unique barcodes that enable inventory controls and swift checkouts during payment processes.